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Pallet repair table WT-2

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The pallet repair table, model WT-2, was designed to equip a pallet repair station with a solid and ergonomic work table.

The table for repairing pallets model WT-2 is a specially designed model for repairing EPAL / EURO pallets. The table is equipped with a worktop with dimensions: 1350 x 1430 mm. During the design process, a lot of attention was paid to meetings with companies in the field of pallet repair, which showed the engineers the important elements of the table from the user’s point of view. Therefore, the WT-2 pallet repair table is equipped with pneumatic pallet lifting. By pressing the pneumatic foot pedal, the pallet is raised a few centimeters, which allows a slight 360-degree rotation of the pallet being repaired, minimizing operator effort. Another important element of the design is the “slide” for vertical rotation of the palette. This is the most energy-intensive activity in pallet repairs. Employees repairing pallets agreed that this feature is very useful and has a direct impact on work efficiency.


  • Table construction WT-2
  • Rail system: 2 rails 2 carriages 4 bumpers
  • Reductions for the nailer – 2 pcs – OR-1/4MINI
  • LED worktop lighting – 1 pc
  • Junction box – 1 pc
  • Double power sockets – 2 pcs
  • Pneumax FRL elements, venting valve, filter-reducer, oiler
  • CE declaration



  • Worktop corners cut at an angle of 45 degrees – reduces the risk of damage to the saw blades
  • Safe electrical installation located inside the table profiles
  • Low energy consumption thanks to LED lighting
  • Transport roller for easy placement and removal of the pallet from the table top
  • Side shelf for a jigsaw
  • Possible exchangeable mounting of the shelf/roller on the left and right side of the table
  • Solid 6 mm thick steel table top to reduce vibration and noise
  • Special design – pneumatic pallet lifting
  • Special design – chute for vertical rotation
  • Specially designed rail system – automatic return of the nailer
  • Rails mounted at an angle for free movement of the nailer outside the working surface of the table
  • Blocking the pallet when cutting elements with a straight saw
  • Foot pedal with adjustable position – closer – further



  • Weight: 306 kg
  • Working pressure: up to 8 bar
  • Material: structural steel



  • Worktop width: 1430 mm
  • Table height with balancing bar: 2846 mm
  • Worktop height: 860 mm

Additional information

Weight 306 kg